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From Modern Farmer: Eggplants and Potatoes in One Plant
  Thompson & Morgan's New Grafting First After the Tomtato
The 'Egg & Chips' Grafted Eggplant/Potato (1/28/16) -- Thompson & Morgan is creating quite a stir with their latest grafted creation, which they’ve named “Egg & Chips,” after a favorite English dish of fried eggs and French fries. Although in this case the eggs are eggplants, also known as aubergine. The chips part is dead on, since the plant produces potatoes as well. The reasoning behind the creation is two-fold: The plant lets you grow two vegetables in the space of one and it’s just plain cool.

Based in Ipswich, UK, T&M has been around since 1855, but it’s only been within the last couple of years that they’ve produced hand-grafted plants like the “Tomtato,” introduced in 2013, which produces tomatoes on top and potatoes on the bottom. The concept isn’t actually new, but Thompson & Morgan claims to have produced the first commercially-viable version.

The lower end of the potato plant, containing the tuber-producing roots, and the top section of the aubergine, which will bear fruit, are clipped together for about a week until the two parts naturally fuse together,” says a company spokesperson. The plants will be ready for shipping beginning in April, though the Egg & Chips aren’t currently available in the U.S. MORE-->

Modern Farmer: Eggplants and Potatoes in One Plant

QT Series by GreenFuse Botanicals

New! From GreenFuse Botanicals Spring Trials, 2015.

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